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Hot-rolled products include hot-rolled steel strips and hot-rolled sheets Cut from the strips,all of which were manufachtured by the hot strip mill.posco`s products are the result of the ultra-modern facilities and advanced technolohgy.the entire manufacturing process is computer-controlled soas to make products that meet our customers`demands.futhemore fullyauto facilities improve precision and product quality

    Hot rolled Steel for General Structures
  • Steel for general structures and welded structures are produced for steel structures, bridges, ships, and automobiles
    Atmospheric Corrision Resistant Steel
  • With the addition of special elements such as P, Cu, and C, this steel type has enhanced corrosion and atmospheric corrosion resistant properties It is used for the production of containers, special vehicles, and building structures
    Hot Rolled Steel For Automotive Parts
  • Outstanding in its drawability and weldability, this high-strength steel is used in automobile frames and wheels
    Hot Rolled Steel For Special Applications
  • This steel type includes carbon steel for general machinery, alloy steel, and tool steel. After the heat treatment process, the steel is used in avariety of machine parts
    Cold Rolled Steel Sheet
  • This cold-rolled sheet is used in many cold-rolled products, such as CR, GI, and color plates
    Steel For Tubes
  • Excellent in weldability and formability, this steel is quite versatile with its uses in structural pipes, general pipes, special pipes, and carbon steel pipes for machines
    Steel For High-Pressure Gas Cylinders
  • Superior in formability and pressure resistance capacity, this steel is used in high-pressure gas containers with the inner capacity to hold less than 500 liters of LPG, acetylene, and other high-pressure gases.
    Steel For oli Well Pipes
  • This high-quality steel is used for drilling in extremely cold regions and deep sea oil wells since this steel is marked by its extremely low temperature toughness, high weldability, and excellent fracture resistance.

Hot Rolled Steel Sheet And Coil For Drawing

Code Thickness Chemical Composition(wt%)
C Si Mn P S Sol-Ai Other
Poshrd3 1.6 and over
5.39 and under
0.005 and under 0.02 and under 0.20 and under 0.02 and under 0.015 and under 0.02~0.06 Ti:0.03~0.06
N:0.03 and Under

High-Strength Atmospheric Corrosion Resistant Hot-Rolled Steel Sheet And Coil

Code Thickness (mm) Chemical Composition(wt%)
C Si Mn P S Other
Poshrd3 6.0 and Under 0.12 and Under 0.15~0.35 0.90 and Under 0.060~0.12 0.035 and under Ti:0.15 and under Cu:0.50
Code Yield Point (kgf/m2) Tensil Strength (kgf/m2) Eiongation Bending Test
Test Piece (%)
Poshrd 40 and over 50 and over No.5 Rolling Direction 22 and over 0.5t(No.Sa.Rolling Direction)
1.5t(No.Sa.Rolling Direction)